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Crvena Glavica
Sveti Stefan

In case you are interested in the project Carsko Selo on the locality Crvena Glavica, next to the most exclusive Montenegrin settlement Sveti Stefan, would you, please, send us a request by e-mail.


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CRVENA GLAVICA, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

The site Crvena glavica is located on the most beautiful and most exclusive part of the Coast of Montenegro, close to the tourist settlement Sveti Stefan. The surface is approximately 3.64 ha. On this location Imobilia doo has planned construction, in accordance with the urban plan, of a luxurious complex that is going to have tourist – business purpose with a variety of facilities, which means combination of accommodation capacity of apartment offer and exclusive residential facilities, as well as its infrastructure and traffic components. Urban plan includes construction of an internal traffic line joining the area with the main road and the planned street through the settlement Sveti Stefan.

The area of the apartment settlement Crvena glavica is divided into several different zones with complementary purposes.
Zone 1 | The largest part of the area is designed for tourist objects with high class apartments. Each object is planned to be connected to the traffic line that presents communication for supplying and emergency cases, i.e. a promenade. The objects are predominantly with flat roofs that are turned into green space and shall be used for rest and recreational purposes. Taking in consideration that the objects are set on a cascaded ground, large terraces shall be turned into hanging gardens, so as to enrich the space.
Zone 2 | The second zone consists of a complex of objects intended for tourism, in form of villas. The buildings shall be detached in order to shape a separate ambience with the complementary green surfaces.
Zone 3 | The third zone consists of surfaces and objects intended for collective use, in the function of the apartment settlement. This also includes maintenance of the apartment settlement, service and providing facilities (shops, catering objects, multifunctional halls and the like). The zone consists of several parts of which each can provide a particular part of the settlement.
Zone 4 | The fourth zone consists of the complexes for recreation, that is system of connected pools.
Zone 5 | The fifth zone consists of the area intended for sports and children, that is sports grounds and children playgrounds. This zone is concentrated next to the pools.
Zone 6 | The sixth zone is the one for underground parking on several levels, and it is located under the pools and objects in the part of the complex turned towards St. Stefan as well as under the objects which are located in the eastern part of the range. By an underground pedestrian passage the garages are on different levels connected to the residential units or open plateaus from which different floors can be reached by lifts. Such defining of horizontal and vertical communication results from the concept of the settlement itself and the incline of the ground.
Zone 7 | The seventh zone is the one of tourist objects which are functionally and regarding traffic separated from the rest of the complex and each of them presents an autonomous unit, „A“ type villas– in the function of tourist trade.
Zone 8 | This is the zone of the Enterprise for Coastal Management where a promenade „lungo mare“ and recreational facilities are planned.


In the area of Crvena Glavica it is planned to carry out the construction of the following objects: • tourist objects of apartment type, levels from GF+2 do GF+4; • objects with servicing and commercial facilities, in basements and ground floors of the objects as well as detached objects, floor GF. • tourist objects – “B” type villas levels from GF+2, basement garages are intended depending on the ground. •”A”type villas, ten objects, level GF+2 • underground garages that have from to up to six underground levels.
The planned objects have total gross construction surface of 30,000m².

Objects of apartment type – 26,000m², of which 11,000m² above the ground, all the rest are basements. “B” type villas – 3,400m². “A” type villas – 3,000m². Objects of services and maintenance – 1,000m² on basement level of apartment objects.

Underground garages cover the surface of 14,660m² or 474 parking places. Number of garage places can be increased if necessary, by increasing the number of underground levels.

Complying with standards of tourist accommodation, the basic residential unit would be of the surface of approx. 80m², planned for two, three or more persons. In that case the apartment settlement would contain approx. 450 residential units, corresponding to the number of about 1,350 inhabitants/ users of the settlement.
If the service staff and users of supporting facilities are taken in account, the total number could be approx. 1,404 persons.
Besides accommodation capacities, the following facilities are planned on the location (within and outside the object): • 4 pools within the aqua-park, • 2 pools in the villa area • pools and recreational facilities • 2 children playgrounds, • sports grounds – trim tracks, • 3-5 specialized restaurants, • 6 cafés and beach bars, • central laundry, • outpatient clinic and pharmacy • shops, • wellness centre.

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